When in doubt…

We are all intelligent creatures on Earth.  As much as I appreciate my human intelligence, once in a while I make the choice to shut it off to get in touch with what’s True in my Heart- my Inner Wisdom.

If you have an attorney mindset like me, you’ll identify with what I’m about to say.  I can argue both sides of the same case.  It has served me extremely well in business.  However, it has also caused quite a bit of internal confusion in the past, when it comes to personal decisions.

I now practice this simple exercise: When in doubt, I Choose Love.  When I feel conflicted, I often ask myself: Which path will reflect Universal Love and Acceptance for All?  For me?

When we Choose what’s True to us, we are really Choosing to live in the space of Unconditional Love and honor the Light within us.  When our space in full of this Universal Energy, inside and out, we can’t help but exude and radiate this same energy Effortlessly.  The Universal Law of Attraction dictates:  The energy we put out is the same energy we attract.  Like attracts like.  When our energy is love and abundance, we attract love and abundance.  You can say, it’s more of a lifestyle rather than a manifestation technique.  ^_^

As always…
Live in the Light, Choose Love, & Speak your Truth.
I look forward to Connect with you, Soul to Soul.

In celebration of Universal Love on this Valentine’s Day, I invite you to participate in our Spirit Connection Circle on 02/14/2012 at the Learning Light Foundation.  7-9pm Ongoing Every Tuesday Night. 1212 E. Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, CA 92805.

We will be:

1.  Getting to know our own energy and learn how to Shift it instantly to align it with Love.
2.  Reframe and Restructure current relationships to create a more fulfilling existence on Earth.
3.  Create and Attract the Soulmate you desire.

Living in the Light…

Shakti Gawain - Living in the LightEvery so often I go through my bookcase and pull out old books I’ve read.  It never fails when it comes to Spiritual Evolution books, I can read them over and over again with new insights.  Today, I want to share a book that was introduced to me by my Spiritual Teacher, Esperanza.  This book has served me well in Reconnecting with the Source and my Truth during a difficult dark time for me.  It’s called “Living in the Light” by Shakti Gawain.  You’d want to order the full paperback version, not the transformational guide.  ^_^  I often will buy multiple copies. I’d make notes right in the book and mark the date inside the book cover.  It’s very interesting to review my state of consciousness every 6 months or so. Here’s a direct link to the book on Amazon. https://amzn.to/xoECBs  if you’re interested.

As you may already know, I completely shut down my emotions in my 20’s when I first experienced major energy shifts.  I’d channel rape victims, see 1/2 cow–1/2 man while driving, and quite often my car would spin out of control and end up on the curb.  Freaked out about this energy “stuff”, I quickly shut down all my spiritual connections and vowed never to touch this evil stuff again!  I crawled into business.and created a very abundant lifestyle for myself.  However, one morning I woke up questioning my life’s purpose and all the money in the world wasn’t making sense to me any longer.  Basically, I have a mini breakdown and locked myself in my room for 3 days.  They say when one is ready, the Teacher will appear.  That’s very true for me and Esperanza.  She also came from a tough business arena.  She was a butt-kicking attorney getting ready to run for political office when she started seeing angels in the courtroom.  Because of it, we bonded right away.  She got me in touch with my emotions again.  First thing she did was have me read this fascinating book that explains so much about trusting our Intuition, learning from our children, and creating a harmonious physical existence by freeing ourselves on the inside.  Instant Manifestation happens when we are in alignment inside out, effortlessly.

I was never into ultra woo-woo concepts.  I’m one of those geeks that like to pull things apart and see how things work.  “Living in the Light” explains experiences on Earth in a simple language without the woo-woo factor. I learned that if we Choose to Live in the Light, the Light will melt away anything that’s not in alignment with the highest and best.  Through daily practice and commitment, I’m excited to announce I live happily in the Light.  No more 1/2 cow–1/2 man on the road.  Light and Darkness cannot co-exist.  Darkness will only take on the Light when entering the space of Light. It’s all about raising our vibration while practicing grounding techniques.  Anyway, if you feel inspired, check out the book.  https://amzn.to/xoECBs  and let me know how you feel…

Hope to connect with you, Soul to Soul, at our ongoing Tuesday night Circle at The Learning Light Foundation! Until then, have many many beautiful Moments…Live in the Light, Choose Love, and Speak your Truth…

P.S. I’m dedicating 10 appointments at the Learning Light Foundation every week for private reading and healing sessions.  Please email me directly at jennifer@jennifecloake.com if you are interested or call Michaela at the Foundation to book your session.  714-533-2311.

A Moment of Reflection…Instant Shift to Prosperity

“The way you feel is actually your point of attraction.” ~ Esther & Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham)

Focus on keeping your vibration high as much as possible at all times- full of love, joy, and acceptance.  This means, creating an environment (professionally and personally) that supports a high Vibrational lifestyle.  You can Choose to eat foods that are more in alignment with your body.  You can Create a decorative setting that makes you feel peaceful and relaxed.  Whatever you feel will support your mind, body, and spirit…

Sure, we are still humans and will experience separation, sadness, and anger.  The key is to be aware of our state of being at all times.  And understand that we have the power to shift our consciousness at any given moment by shifting how we feel. 

If I have thoughts of not having enough money, it generally stems from the feelings of not feeling good enough about myself and/or my accomplishments.  The fact is that it has nothing to do with the money I have in my possession; and the reality is that none of it identifies who I am as a loving being.

As soon as these thoughts even try to creep into my head, I will shift my attention to the money I do have in the account.  Dive into the feelings of gratitude, joy, and abundance that I have the money I need in my account and that I still enjoy a lifestyle of buying whatever I want pretty much anytime I want.  I’m feeling thankful money and positive energy flow to me effortlessly and abundantly for my highest and best good.  I’m also feeling the unconditional Universal support that I’m always well taken care of as I carry on my divine purpose of creating ripple effects of love and freedom for All.

Next time you worry about something, feel free to stop the thought pattern immediately.  Take a deep breath and increase your vibration by focusing on all things positive.  The more positive you feel, the more positive your Reality becomes…

Have many prosperous Moments…


Messages from Beyond…

2011 has proven to be a fabulous year for many, full of opportunities to Choose what you want to Create in Life on Earth…and how you’d like to Manifest what you truly desire. 2012 continues that trend for some and many are coming forward to give a helping hand to those who are beginning to Awaken.  Thus, creating Oneness and Unity for All creating Ripple Effects of Love and Freedom.

For those who are awakening and choosing to raise with consciousness, it may feel a little rocky at times.  Many old wounds are surfacing to be healed emotionally and physically- from this life and past lives.  Some have experienced 3rd Dimensional Material World collapsing right in front of their eyes.  Things may be shifting so fast for you that it feels like everyday there’s are shockingly new discoveries about yourself and others.  New ideas that seemed excellent yesterday no longer work for you today.  Or the veil has lifted and you’re able to connect with the Spirit World but your physical body feels like you’re floating in air, you don’t remember events and situations, and perhaps unexpected spirit guests are visiting in your physical space playing tricks like turning lights on and off.

We are here to say that all these experiences are perfect, as you move forward.  However, you do have the power to Choose when, how, and where all this happens as you walk on Earth.  It is okay to be a little scared. The human fear comes from the Energy Shift you are feeling physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  You are Reconnecting with what you already know- Unconditional Love and Acceptance. Sometimes that can bring up sadness as you miss Home. You are letting go of old Earthly beliefs that your house, car, career represents who you are as a person.  That can create internal conflicts of having to bring closure to something that has served you for many many years.  You’re adjusting to the new Consciousness beliefs that You are good enough- no need for added “bonus packages” like that brand new BMW or 7000 sq ft Mansion to make you look better to others and feel good about yourself- as they are all false sense of self-worth.

As you get acquainted with the real you- the Love and Light you are, the waves of Energy Shift can be a little alarming. It is very important at this time to meditate, have quiet Moments to reflect, and perform grounding activities like walking on grass, gardening, or dancing.  Be present and conscious in every step you take, every move you make.  This will help with instant grounding.  Only then, can you experience Heaven on Earth.

Taking a stand for something different is always a little uncomfortable.  Your Soul has Chosen to move forward- continuing the journey of spiritual evolution.  It’s up to you to Choose to transform Consciously while experiencing all the comforts on Earth while ascending, or deny what’s True to you. Whichever way you Choose right now, it’s absolutely perfect in our eyes.  Know that when you Choose your actions on your path, you will feel inner peace, love, and abundance. Understand that us in the Spirit World are always ready and willing to assist.  All you have to do is ask.  Know that you can also ask us to slow down the process for your highest and best good, in accordance to your human body capacity and limitations- as we forget that there are limitations on Earth sometimes.  You can Create Instant Manifestation whenever you’re ready to Receive.  To us, time is a human concept.

Know you’re loved and protected, always…


…I am the Master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul. ~ William Ernest Henley


“Messages from Beyond” series is channeled by Jennifer Cloake.  https://CenterOfOneness.org. Messages are generally from different Spirit Guides, Angels, and Evolved Souls here and beyond- whomever are stepping forward at the Moment.  She opens up the Channel for thousands of Messengers.  Messages can be directly for you and some are for us all.  During this process, she only invites Messages in alignment with Love and Light– helping us move forward in our physical existence with unconditional love, peace, and abundance.  As we close our Channel at the time, we thank the Spirit World for supporting us with Infinite Possibilities on Earth…creating Unity and Oneness for All.

We get to Choose…Anytime…Anywhere…

Fire CeremonyOpportunities to transition with New Consciousness is presented to us every Moment in our Lives.  It’s up to us to Choose when we are ready to raise our vibration and what route feels the best on this Journey, one Moment at a time.  Whatever it may be, it’s always perfect!  It’s always right!  and It’s always exactly what we need for the Moment…if we allow ourselves to trust our Intuition, that is.

I’ve learned that letting go of what we’ve learned, our old patterns- the shame and self-doubt, is vital in Connecting with our Inner Wisdom.  Filling this newly vacated space with loving supportive vibration within ourselves brings in the most amazing rays of Light that can benefit ongoing!

As soon as we are firm in what we truly desire, our World will shift itself for us; the Universal Source will support us for our highest and best good.


Relax, sit back and allow the Magic to happen!

If you feel inspired to release what doesn’t serve you any longer on your path, and would like to invite new energy and vibration for your highest and best good…please join us…

SPIRIT CONNECTION CIRCLE: Every Tuesday 7:00- 9:00 pm
December 13, 2011
SPECIAL EVENT: Fire Renewal Ceremony

We will be:

  • Connecting with our deepest desires
  • Letting go of All that no longer serve us
  • Inviting New for our highest and best- Setting powerful Intentions of Infinite Peace, Love, and Abundance

I look forward to connecting with you there!  ^_^  Dress warm and bring a blanket.  We will be out in the Gardens.