Center Of Oneness Energy Forecast Discover Happiness

Energy Update February 11 2021- Discover Happiness

It’s time to discover your true Happiness

Spiritual Awakening is about discovering your Happiness.   We are not talking about momentary happiness such as obtaining that pair of shoes you’ve been dreaming about for the last 5 months.  We are talking about true happiness.  The joy that motivates you to bounce out of bed in the morning with a big smile on your face.  The fire inside of  you that powers you to take on the world.   The feeling that no one can stop you from living the life you want to live.

In the next few days, you may be faced with some disappointments.  These disappointments are to trigger the memory of why you chose to be here in this lifetime.  They are also to remind you that you deserve Happiness.

In order to live your Happiness,  you must first learn what your Happiness is.  After all, it is your life your way.  So set the intention to make it a Happy one!

Jennifer Cloake Lightworker Healer Reader Starseed Mentor

As a Practical Spiritualist, Jennifer Cloake has a deep passion for Empowerment.  With a strong coaching background, she has the Gift of helping Starseeds identify their Purpose while helping Light Seekers heal their past.  Jennifer specializes in dissolving Manifestation blocks utilizing inner child and past life methods.  Feel free to ask questions in our online forum.   Join Our CommUNITY

Accepting Ourselves

Accepting Ourselves is not easy.  The media is full of stories lately on Bruce Jenner’s transition in becoming a woman.  I say, Bruce IS a woman.  He’s only making changes to his outer appearance to match who she has always been.  She’s had her actor’s outfit on for 65 years now.  It’s time for her to unload that heavy costume so everyone can see the real beauty.  What an incredible act to demonstrate Self Acceptance and Love.

Bruce Jenner Jennifer Cloake Awakening Center Of OnenessAs I watch her interview with Diane Sawyer, I was reminded that living an Authentic life is what Awakening is all about.   Many people are objecting to her changes.  I personally feel everyone has the right to be True to who they are, inside and out.  We face the same societal judgement everyday without realizing it.  We mentally scratch our heads when we see people who dress differently than ourselves.  We judge those from various cultures.  What if we take a moment and truly Accept everything for what it is?  What if we own up to the fact that we do judge and it’s human nature to judge?   Admitting it can be freeing and authentic within itself.

I’m not suggesting you convert your beliefs.  I’m not suggesting you force yourself to like what’s unpleasant to you.  I’m suggesting we Accept.  All is good.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  We have the Freedom to not do the things we do not like, just as others have the Freedom to do the things they find enjoyable.  It’s when we try to force our opinions onto others that gets us into the state of suffering.

Bruce Jenner is shaking up the world in such a profound way.  It’s more than giving the transgender community a voice. It’s about Accepting Ourselves.  It’s about Love.  It’s about living our Truths, whatever that may be.

She said something I will never forget.  Bruce expressed that she’s 65 years old.  She would not be happy leaving this world without experiencing Life in her True form.  How exciting!  Awakening is more than increasing psychic power and playing the singing bowl.  It’s about the Journey of becoming Aware of the beauty within ourselves, around us and beyond what we can physically sense and touch.

Live the Life you’ve always wanted to live!  Starting this very Moment…

Honoring the Self

honor the self, center of oneness, jennifer cloake, self awarenessWoe! 40 lbs later. How did I miss this? Got busy with Life I suppose. Got busy with our Business could be a good excuse. Sitting in front of the computer all day in stretching pants could have done it. Walking into the the kitchen every time I felt stressed may have caused it. I could spend my time guessing how that happened or I can choose to recognize it now and do something about it. Today, I want to share some thoughts on Honoring the Self.

Let’s face it, we see what we want to see. It’s not like I haven’t gone out and bought bigger pants this past year.  I’ve been choosing to live in sweat pants because they are simply more comfortable than regular pants.  The signs were all there.  I made these under-the-radar decisions because somewhere along the way I decided my business and daily tasks were more important than myself.  The question is subconsciously, do I value myself less than my business?  Or is it that I see my business (and everything else) more valuable than my well-being?  At the end of the day, I simply gave my power away to the Earthly demands.

When you find yourself in this type of situation, remember that the most important thing we can do for ourselves is not blaming ourselves.  Instead, thank ourselves for recognizing it Now.  If you have a hard time doing so, I suggest turning to a ritual while send yourself some loving energy.  I light a candle. That’s my go-to since it’s accessible for me.  If I’m out and about, then I’d reach into my pocket and touch the amethyst that’s on my key chain.

As Spiritual folks, we tend to focus on our Spiritual bodies and forget that we have a physical body to care for on Earth. Whether we like it or not, a healthy physical body supercharges our Mind and Spirit, helping us Center ourselves. When we feel good, we channel messages better as energy work can be taxing to the physical body.

So, I made a decision this past week. I put myself first!

Just do it!

Nike says “Just do it.”  They are right.  But how do you “Just do it.” when you are afraid of making mistakes?  The stress can be overwhelming with all the responsibilities you have.  No one seems to understand.  No one seems to care.

Just do it  nike center of oneness fear action

I, too, got stuck in a bit of fear this week.  I run a website development firm.  We also produce software.  The funding that goes into these projects can be staggering.  After all, we are no small ma and pa shop anymore.  I have a staff to feed.  Every decision I make can affect the company including “What’s for lunch?”.   You think I’m over exaggerating.  I may be.  Actually, I know I am.  But when you are a business owner, it’s no longer lunch that’s a concern.  It’s the 10 billion things that can happen relating to that simple lunch.  The productivity can be down for the day after a company lunch.  The morale can stay up, as long as the managers treat the staff fairly.  Or will it cross over to friendships that will eventually turn into an HR issue?  What if someone’s having an office romance and the date didn’t go so well the night before?  Will that affect the energy of the whole office?  So, no.  Lunch is no longer just hanging with the guys and have a beer.

As we are looking to launch a prototype business community site, I see myself (in slow motion) refining my marketing plan over and over again instead of taking the action of “Just do it.”  The marketing plan is simply a distraction, you see.  It’s busy work.  It’s safe to be in the planning stages.  It’s safe to fantasize about success.  Taking the action means I’m putting myself out there.  It means I will be faced with potential rejection.  It means I may have to realize that the product is a big failure.  So, yeah.  It feels much better staying in the safe zone.  I know exactly what I will be getting.  Zero.  Am I happy about it?  Not necessarily.  But I’d feel safe.

So, how do you get out of this vicious cycle?

1.  Stop what you are doing IMMEDIATELY.  In my case, I stopped refining my marketing plan.

2.  Remind yourself what your goal(s) are.  In my case, to launch a business community where we can help one another with business expansion.

3.  Remove the obstacle.  In my case, me.  I’m the one stopping myself from getting what I want.  By the way, this will raise many debates but the obstacle is ALWAYS ourselves.

4.  Know you’re in the space of Abundance and you deserve to have ALL you wish.  In my case, I’ve been wanting an online business resource center for years. Why not now?  I’m ready.  I have a team behind me.  I have business affiliates who will back my project.  I’m definitely ready.

5.  Choose Differently.  In my case, continue to write my marketing plan isn’t exactly getting me anywhere.  The magic is in execution.  So, despite fear and doubt, I choose to take action.  I choose to “Just do it.”

Now, don’t think you have to take a giant step forward to shift your vibration.  Me writing this blog post instead of working on my marketing plan is already shifting my energy.  This minor gesture is HUGE in the energy world.  I’m telling my Higher Self that I’m ready and WILLING.  It’s time to make my dream into reality.  So just do it.  You deserve everything you want in Life, plus more!


Black Tourmaline

I was guided to use Black Tourmaline this year in my healing practice and I love it. Black tourmaline is full of  beautiful grounding energy and it feels nice to hold it in your hand.


Black Tourmaline is used to remove negative energy from your body and your environment. It is believed that this magical stone can help you remove past life experiences from your body’s cell memory. Use this powerful stone to remove unwanted habits, such as smoking, anxiety, emotional eating, depression and so on. IF you no longer want to be connected to a particular negative emotion, use Black Tourmaline to help you in this process.

This powerful stone is helpful when you feel things get out of control, use it to bring balance to the right and left side of your brain, to help you remove the negative thought pattern and bring in the positive way of looking at things. It helps clear things in your life. Its is also a LUCKY stone to have with you.

You can wear Black Tourmaline Jewelry, or just keep the stone in your pocket or place them around your house. It is said that keeping a piece of black stone under your pillow helps you have a peaceful sleep.

Black stone comes in many forms such as pyramid, sphere, rough or polished small or large pieces, wand, and in many forms of jewelry.

Look into this beautiful stone and try it for yourself and see how it helps you with your healing process.

Enjoy connecting to Black Tourmaline ~
Love & Light