Center of Oneness is in existence because of the countless loving Contributors, in multiple Dimensions, offering and channeling teachings in Self Awareness, Realization and Actualization.  We are grateful for all those present to Give.  We are thankful for all those present to Receive.

If you’re interested in contribute energetically, please visit The Center Of Oneness About Us Page to view our Mission Statement.  We’d appreciate your continuous support by sharing our Message of Multi-Dimensional Empowerment with your Friends and Family.



A loving note from the COO Human Implementation Team

We commit and dedicate ourselves to the fulfillment of the purpose for which exists with the guidance and support of TARA, Team Awareness, Realization, and Actualization. We bless, its pages and content, its viewers, and TARA with Eternal Truth, its frequency, and its qualities.




The TARA Council

TARA holds the energetic space for All at the Center of Oneness.

TARA is our Infinity Council comprised of thousands of Light Carriers from this Dimension and beyond.  The number rises as we shift with New Consciousness.

Since there’s no separation in time and space, TARA carries information offered by human intelligence as well as ET’s, Spirit Guides and Angels from the now, past and future.  It carries the Infinite Wisdom of many Souls throughout ages and the unconditional loving vibration from Source.  Please visit the ‘About Tara‘ page for Practical Teachings of TARA.


 Human Suffering exists to inspire Self Liberation.  ~ The TARA Council




Jennifer is the Founder of and Creator of the 30-Second Energy Clearing™ and ManifestOnDemand™ Programs.

CEO of a successful web development firm, Jennifer is well known for combining her Intuitive Abilities with Business Savvy. She mentors those seeking to build a lucrative business model while serving the greater good.

Besides studying life, Jennifer lives the philosophy of Practical Spiritualism™, where manifestation techniques are incorporated in Everyday Living.  Her humor and quick get-to-the-point approach have helped many with Soul Transformation.  Her workshops and eBooks offer simple solutions and fresh perspectives, encouraging All to embrace the Infinite Power within- Creating  healthy abundant personal economy and relationships whiling living a fulfilling life on Earth.


In Discovery, there’s Mastery. In Mastery, there’s Infinity. In Infinity, there’s Creation and Manifestation of all thing positive. ~ J. Cloake



Afsi has been on her spiritual Journey for over 20 years. She is a Reiki, Karuna Reiki® Master and uses different modalities when working with clients, such as Reiki Drumming, singing bowls, ocean drums, healing stones, tuning forks, chanting and connecting to her spirit guides and angles. Besides facilitating her Reiki Certification Programs, she offers workshops on Removing Negative Energy from your environment and your body.

Afsi is currently serving as a Learning Light Foundation Board Member. During the week, Afsi works with Alzheimer patients, volunteers for Care-Alternative Hospice and enjoys her time giving Reiki healing to the patients and served as a volunteer member for the Bereavement Counseling team.  Her energy exudes unconditional love, acceptance and compassion.   Her goal is to help you find the peace within.


At the end, it’s really not that important if we lose who we are…The best thing we can do is to stay at peace within. ~ Afsi Mostajab