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Jennifer Cloake

Founder, Healer, Reader, Coach, Workshop Facilitator

Specialties:  Intuitive readings.  Numerology.  Oracle.  Past live readings.  Karmic blockage removal/ reprogramming.  Coaching/ Mentorship.

Clients who Benefit:  Those experiencing anxiety or awakening to Spirituality.  Starseeds wishing to navigate though life effortlessly.  Lightworkers seeking to expand Consciousness and reinvent themselves.

Once a die-hard entrepreneur, Jennifer had her Awakening around 2010.  Instead of living with daily panic attacks, she has learned to reprogram her subconscious mind by adopting Spiritual methods.  With Jennifer's intuitive abilities and analytical mind, she has an unique way of zeroing in on core issues during her sessions and classes!  Starseeds love her unconditional love and acceptance.  Lightworkers adore her sense of humor and the eye opening accuracy of her Intuitive guidance.

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Express Readings with Jennifer Cloake

Getting a reading has never been easier! No appointment needed.  Get your Reading within 24 hours.  It's that easy!  Please note: You must be over 18 years old.  Jennifer may consider exception after a conversation with your Parent.

3 simple steps!

1. We email you after receiving the order.

2. You reply back with information needed.

3. Receive recorded reading in 24 hours.

Express- Life Path & Trends

Maximize Universal energy. Learn your Life path and trends. 20's, 30's, 40's, & 50+.  Find out what's happening for you in the next 12 months!

Need: Your birth date and a recent picture.

Express- Past Life/ Akashic

Can't seem to move forward in Life? Unexplained anxiety, fear, or doubt?  Let's identify the origin of the issue and current life lessons.

Need: Your birth date, picture and 2 challenges.

Express- Love Compatibility

Navigate through relationships like a champ! Learn potential pitfalls and karmic dynamics of romantic or personal relationships.

Need:  Birth dates and pictures of both people.

15-Minute Private Session

$45 per Session
  • One-on-One Zoom Call

30-Minute Private Session

$67 per Session
  • One-on-One Zoom Call

60-Minute Private Session

$123 per Session
  • One-on-One Zoom Call

Starseed & Lightworker Private Coaching $997/ mo

This is for those ready to Create the life they want at warp speed!  Please connect with Jennifer to discuss your goals.  She will design a personalized program to take you or your business to the next level, GUARANTEED!

90-Minute Inner Child Healing

This is power session is wonderful for those needing breakthrough shadow work or wanting relief from past trauma.  Be ready and Be willing to Shift!

90-Minute Karmic Reprogram

Go back to past lives and heal from the source.  Reprogram the origin of your current patterns and behaviors.  It's time to break the karmic cycle!


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