Jennifer Cloake Lightworker Healer Reader Starseed Mentor

Jennifer Cloake, Founder & Master Intuitive Consultant

Jennifer Cloake

Founder, Spiritual Advisor, Workshop Facilitator

Specialties:  Manifestation teachings, Reiki Master, numerology, mediumship, and past life.

Clients who Benefit:  Starseeds wishing to rid of anxiety and unleash their inner power. Couples committed in creating an abundant loving relationship together.

As an Internationally recognized Spiritual Teacher, Jennifer is passionate about helping people turn their Impossible into I’m Possible!

With over 25 years of business leadership and coaching experience, she offers valuable insights bridging high vibration Intuitive principles with practical manifestation techniques.

Jennifer has a way of zeroing in on the cause of blockages at warp speed. Past life and mediumship methods are used along with numerology to gain clarity in presented challenges.

Clients rave about her incredibly accurate insights. Her straight-forward approach and truthful feedback has earn her the reputation of being a trusted Source in relationship healing and business advancement.

Express Readings with Jennifer Cloake

Getting a reading has never been easier! No appointment needed.  Receive the Reading in your inbox within 24 hours.  It's that easy!

You must be over 18 years old.  Jennifer may consider an exception after speaking with your Parent.

3 simple steps!

1. We email you after receiving the order.

2. You reply back with information needed.

3. Receive recorded reading in 24 hours.

Express- Life Path & Trends

Maximize Universal energy. Learn your Life path and trends. 20's, 30's, 40's, & 50+.  Find out what's happening for you in the next 12 months!

Need: Your birth date and a recent picture.

Express- Past Life/ Akashic

Feeling stuck? Having unexplained fears or unbreakable patterns?  Let's identify the origin of these issues in past lives.

Need: Your birth date, picture and 2 challenges.

Express- Love Compatibility

Navigate through relationships like a champ! Learn potential pitfalls and soul contracts of romantic or personal relationships.

Need:  Birth dates and pictures of both people.

Current Clients can now book an Express Reading for faster answers.

No appointment needed! When you receive the Confirmation email, reply back with your question. Great when just need a quick Spiritual confirmation. 3-4 hour response time, M-F 11am to 7pm PST.

Testimonials- Andrea Scarborough
Testimonial for Jennifer Cloake- Sara Ornellas- Center Of Oneness
Become an effortless manifestor!

10-Week Manifestation Intensive with Jennifer

Whether it's for business, money, or love, this Program is for those ready to move forward at Warp Speed! We will be identifying manifestation blocks and removing them for good via weekly Zoom Sessions and assignments! Your life is guaranteed to level up with Jennifer's teachings. It's time you become the Creator of your Destiny! We will:

  • Clarify your Vision
  • Remove manifestation blocks
  • Master Receiving Abundance
  • Learn to forward despite fear
  • Testimonials

    Center of Oneness Jennifer Cloake Testimonial
    Testimonials- Shelby Kay Adams
    Testimonial for jennifer Cloake- Dara Bracamonte- Center Of Oneness

    Private Intuitive Sessions & Mentoring

    If you feel like you need to gain clarity through a live consultation, consider booking a Zoom conference call. Choose between a 30 and 60-Minute Session. Feel free to contact Jennifer if you need recommendations.

    Clients book sessions with Jennifer to:

    Intuitive Read on relationships, job opportunities, or investment deals

    Life path clarity & vision mapping

    Navigating through crisis or anxiety

    Manifestation block removal

    Intuition training & Professional mentorship

    Be the Creator of your Life. Live with confidence!

    Know why you do the things you do!

    Past Life Karmic Healing with Jennifer

    Free yourself from old patterns and past life trauma. Heal from the source. In this 90-Minute Karmic Reprogramming session, Jennifer takes you on a Journey into your past lives. Learn the origin of current life's challenges. Cellular imprint will be released and reprogrammed. Cycles will be broken. Past life traumas will be dissolved. Get ready to live a life full of joy and abundance!

    Give your Inner Child a Voice!

    Inner Child Breakthrough Session with Jennifer

    This powerful session not only connects you to your Inner Child but give him/ her a voice! In this 90-Minute healing session, Jennifer helps you identify the real cause of addictions or non-supportive patterns you can't seem to break. This is especially powerful for those who experienced abuse at a young age. No more victimizing yourself. Set yourself free. Be empowered!