Intuitive Circle

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center of oneness intuitive circle

Intuitive Circle- Explore your psychic abilities

BE Empowered!

Love Offerings:  $27 per class

Classes:  Fridays 6:30p pst/ 9:30p est

New online classes coming soon!


Facilitators:  Jennifer Cloake 

Where:  Live Zoom Q&A Sessions

When:  Friday Nights 6:30pm PST/ 9:30pm EST

Duration:  90 minutes per session

Feel Empowered!

Ever wonder what psychic gifts you have?  In these weekly gatherings, Jennifer will answer all of your burning questions while offering practical tips.

  • Did you know Starseeds and Lightworkers channel differently?
  • Know what realms Empaths should stay in.
  • Understand various psychic, intuitive, and healer frequencies.

Practical hands-on learning opportunities provided for the following:

  • Healing methods such as Reiki and Crystals
  • Chakra reading and balance
  • Energy clearing, shielding, grounding
  • Psychic card readings
  • Mediumship
  • Psychometry (reading objects)
  • Numerology, and more!

Leave class with knowledge, confidence, and a mini-read!

Class Schedule:

Coming Soon!– TBD

We are in the process of adding more donation based Events to serve this Community. Thank you for your patience!