Spiritual Marketing- Online Marketing made EASY!

‘Spiritual Maketing’ seems to be an oxymoron!

Especially when you’re in the Lightworker arena. How do you share your passion, do what you love, and still live abundantly in this physical existence? As conscious business owners, we want to do good for the World. But on Earth, there’s a little thing called Cashflow!

This is not just another Marketing Class. We raise our vibration, bring in the Spirit Guides, and shift our mindset from lack to infinite abundance. Of course, we will be doing that laughing all the way…no boundaries, no rules!


If you ever thought about writing a book, become a professional lightworker someday, or simply want to add

Spiritual fulfillment to your current job and life, this workshop is designed for you!


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Spiritual Marketing- Online Marketing made EASY!

Saturday, June 02, 2012

2:00pm-4:30pm/  Bonus Q&A  Mini-Reads 4:30pm-5:00pm

Pre-Registration $27/ Day of Event $35

at The Learning Light Foundation: 1212 E. Lincoln Ave., Anaheim CA 92805

Call 714-533-2311 TODAY and Pre-Register!

Bring this flier in and I will share 3 ways you can Immediately start monetizing online!


Here’s what we will cover…

  1. The true relationship between Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and Blogging Site.
  2. Do you need all of the above? Chances are not! Let’s cut to the chase and find out what you do need. (hint: everyone is different!)
  3. How to build a following right now, having nothing to sell? Start now. Get ready to thrive before you’re ready to rock!
  4. How to thrive in a fast-paced tech-advanced world with little to no computer knowledge.
  5. How $1 concepts can turn into a multi-million dollar Empire…
  6. How you can run your Online Presence with little or no cash
  7. Shining your Light without feeling like you’re braggin’
  8. Funding Resource/ Start-up capital for those who are ready to run their own seminars
  9. Concepts will be shared shifting from EPS (Empty Pocket Syndrome) to a Wealth-Building Master
  10. Know what sets you apart. Let’s discuss your brand and branding message…
  11. Why most people/ businesses fail at marketing
  12. How to market efficiently rather than fall into the ongoing “pushy sales” category
  13. Where to use traditional marketing and why it simply may not work in today’s world
  14. How you can maximize your marketing efforts when you have several projects going on…
  15. Learn how to Attract your Audience Effortlessly instead of chasing after them
  16. Laugh your butt off! Or cry…from tears of joy!
  17. Much much more…


What people say about our Spiritual Marketing Workshops…

Jennifer…I learned that just being nice and friendly without selling anything was best…I went from 300 to 500 contacts in about a month or less. Thanks… ~ Jackie, Blogger

She gives you so many unique ideas in about 30 seconds…that I’ve never heard before. And I’ve been in business for 2 years… ~ Melissa Hertz Sukiennik, Neoslev.com Founder

Jennifer and her marketing ideas via DIY Online Solutions have done wonders for me in a very short period of time. Her infectious energy and humorous slant on marketing in today’s online business world will change your life.

~ Jef Namoto, eBay Veteran

More Testimonials…


Personal Note from Jennifer:

I personally invested tens and thousands of dollars in acquiring knowledge, put in countless hours and made tons of mistakes. You will now Receive my years of experience and trade secrets condensed into a fun-filled Workshop. share 3 ways you can start monetizing online immediately! Please forward this link to those interested so we can make a difference in the World. Bring your friends! and do please remember to pre-register. Not only will you get a discount by registering early, it will also give me the permission to start Receiving Spiritual Messages benefiting your Ultimate Success…

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