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About Jennifer Cloake

Founder of Center Of Oneness and Creator of the Manifest On Demand™ Techniques, Jennifer is a Spiritual Medium and Teacher helping people move forward with Infinite light and abundance.  Clients love her straightforward approach and wicked sense of humor.  With 25+ years of experience in business she offers practical aspects to Spiritual living. Jennifer is a firm believer that we have the power to create everything we want in the physical world.

Jennifer's specialties are:

  • Connecting with the Deceased
  • Past life/ Akashic Records readings
  • Inner Child healing & breakthroughs
  • Energy clearing & chakra balance
  • Life & business direction/ niches
  • Manifestation Mentorship
  • Lightworker Mentorship

About Dana Mangoush

Dana is a born leader in her generation.  Wise beyond her years, she's able to translate Universal messages into easy-to-understand concepts.  Moving into 5D Consciousness, the Intuitive profession chose her as a Conduit to transmute higher frequencies to All.  She's committed in providing guidance to the heart, mind, and soul. Blessed with her intuitive gifts, she can help you remember the greater perspective, and give clarity to any question, from a place of love.

Dana's specialties are:

  • Tarot Card Reading
  • Oracle Card Q&A
  • Birth charts
  • Life path/ trends
  • Soul purpose
  • Relationship clarity
  • Collective energy predictions

A Personal Note from Jennifer and Dana:

Thank you for visiting, Soul Buddy!   We look forward to helping you move forward in Infinite love, light and abundance.  Even though Spirit Guides may provide information on trends and cautionary messages, the Center of Oneness team will not intentionally channel predictions on divorce, death, or medical conditions.  We strongly believe everyone has the power to change the course of their path.  Blessings! We look forward to connecting with you very soon. =)

Reading with Dana Mangoush

To celebrate Dana joining the Center of Oneness Team, her Tarot Readings are $22 right now! Enter Code at Checkout: Tarot22

15 Minute Tarot/ Oracle Read

Need clarity in relationship, direction, or purpose? Connect via Zoom.  Generally, 2 questions can be covered in a 15 minute session.

Birth Charts

Ever wonder why you do the things you do?  Learn your natural abilities and weaknesses.  Birth charts helps you move through life effortlessly.

Astrology Reading

Want to know how current Universal Consciousness energy is impacting your life?  Get the latest information so you can more forward with ease!

ONLY $22 right now.  Enter Discount Code: Tarot22

Testimonial for Jennifer Cloake- Sara Ornellas- Center Of Oneness
Testimonial for Jennifer Cloake- Carol La Garde - Center Of Oneness
Testimonials for Jennifer Cloake Center of Oneness

Express Readings with Jennifer Cloake

Getting a reading has never been easier! No appointment needed.  Get your Reading within 24 hours.  It's that easy!  Please note: You must be over 18 years old.  Jennifer may consider exception after a conversation with your Parent.

3 simple steps!

1. Jennifer emails you after receiving order.

2. You reply back with information needed.

3. Receive recorded reading in 24 hours.

Express- Life Path & Current Trends

Maximize Universal energy. Learn your Life path and trends. 20's, 30's, 40's, & 50+.  Find out what's happening for you in the next 12 months!

Need: Your birth date and a recent picture.

Express- Past Life/ Akashic Records

Can't seem to move forward in Life? Unexplained anxiety, fear, or doubt?  Let's identify the origin of the issue and current life lessons.

Need: Your birth date, picture and 2 challenges.

Express- Karmic Compatibility

Navigate through relationships like a champ! Learn potential pitfalls and karmic dynamics of romantic or personal relationships.

Need:  Birth dates and pictures of both people.

Jennifer's Express Readings are ONLY $27 right now.  Enter Discount Code: EXPRESS27

Center of Oneness Jennifer Cloake Testimonial
Testimonials- Shelby Kay Adams
Testimonials- Nicole Thomas

Personalized Appointments with Jennifer Cloake

Whether it's an one-time Breakthrough or ongoing Coaching, sessions can include Intuitive messages, energy healing, inner child, past life and more.  Jennifer combines her years of practical experience with Universal guidance in helping you zeroing in on core issues and move forward in Life at warp speed!

You must be over 18 years old.  Jennifer may consider exception after a conversation with your Parent.

15-Minute Personal Consult

The 15-Minute sessions are great for returning Clients who need quick guidance.  2- 3 questions can be covered or dive deep on a particular situation!

15-Minute Energy Clearing

Sometimes meditation is not enough.  Get a quick energy clearing session.  Find a quiet relaxing area to receive healing at the appointment time.

15-Minute Chakra Balance

Feeling off lately?  Jennifer can assess any imbalance and adjust your Chakras.  Find a quiet relaxing area to receiving adjustments at the appointment time.

Customized Breakthrough Sessions

Testimonial for jennifer Cloake- Dara Bracamonte- Center Of Oneness
Testimonial for Jennifer Cloake- Stacey Owens- Center Of Oneness

30-Minute Intuitive Session

$79 per Session
  • The 30-Minute sessions are great for:
  • ∞ General Q&A
  • ∞ Life Path and Trends
  • ∞ Energy Clearing/ Chakra Balance
  • * Please note that one or all of above may apply based on Universal Guidance.

60-Minute Intuitive Session

$122 per Session
  • Currently $99 (Enter Promo Code: Manifest2020 at checkout)

  • The 60-Minute sessions are great for:
  • ∞ In-dept Reading / Identify blocks
  • ∞ Past life Reading/ Soul agreements
  • ∞ Manifestatation/ Life/ Business Mentorship
  • * Please note that one or all of above may apply based on Universal Guidance.

90- Minute Intuitive Session

$199 per Session
  • The 90-Minute sessions are great for:
  • ∞ Inner Child Healing
  • ∞ Trauma Healing
  • ∞ Past Life Karmic Healing
  • * Please note that one or all of above may apply based on Universal Guidance.

Not sure what you need?

Customize your Breakthrough Session!

Testimonial for Jennifer Cloake- Hutton Saucedo- Center Of Oneness
Testimonials- Andrea Scarborough

60-Minute Mentorship

Intuitive Business or Life Guidance in an hour!  Overcome challenges at warp speed or book weekly Power Sessions for ongoing Expansion.

90-Minute Inner Child Healing

This is power session is wonderful for those needing breakthrough shadow work or wanting relief from past trauma.  Be ready and Be willing to Shift!

90-Minute Karmic Reprogram

Go back to past lives and heal from the source.  Reprogram the origin of your current patterns and behaviors.  It's time to break the karmic cycle!


More about Spiritual and Energy Healing Sessions

Personalized Energy Adjustments are helpful for those who are experiencing spiritual, emotional, and physical (cellular) shifts. As we raise our vibration and move through stages of consciousness, our physical body goes through many adjustments. Sometimes, past life trauma and/ or current life experiences need to be released before we have room in our physical bodies to hold Universal love and light. Several techniques and healing modalities are combined in the healing sessions. Reiki, Channeled Universal Energy, Chakra Balance & Harmony, and Cellular Release & Reprogramming are often combined with Messages from my Spirit Counsel.

Spiritual Healing consists of a combination of techniques used in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual harmonizing. We prefer this over Energy Healing because it provides me a sky view of what's preventing a Client from moving forward in love, peace, and abundance in this lifetime. It allows me to zoom in and assist the Client remove his or her obstacle(s) at the core. Typically, clients experience Immediate Profound results. Ongoing energy healing and follow-up sessions can be booked as needed for maintenance; however, not necessary.

Energy healing can be accomplished from a distance; especially Spiritual Healing. Since we are working from the Soul level, sessions can be booked to offer you Support while you're in an Intense Negotiation or just want to receive healing while you're vacationing in Mexico.

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    Hello I would like to take advantage of your special TikTok 10k reading format 30 minutes.

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      I meant FOR 30 minutes

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        And thank you 🙏🏼

    2. jennifercloake avatar Jennifer Cloake says:

      Here ya go. Offer expires 03/31/2020. You can book through this link. Chat soon! =)

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