Spiritual Healings

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The session covers:

  • Your Life Path, Trends & Lessons
  • Overview of  your 20's, 30's, 40's, and 50+
  • What's in store for you in 2020
  • Current Aura/ Chakra assessment
  • Your Q&A  (Relationship | Career  | Money)
  • Action Items to move forward in love, peace, and abundance

A Personal Note from Jennifer:

Only supportive messages will be channeled in the session to help you move forward in love and light.  Even though Spirit Guides may provide information on trends, I will not intentionally channel predictions on divorce, death, or medical conditions.  I strongly believe everyone has the power to change the course of their path.  Thank you and I look forward to connecting!

Services and Pricing

Energy Healing: Channeled Universal Energy of various healing modalities including Reiki, Energy/ Chakra Clearing & Harmony, Cellular Release & Reprogramming.

Intuitive Reading: Life, Business & Manifestation Coaching, Spirit Guidance, Mediumship, Psychometry, Animal Communications, Situation/ Obstacle Clarity, and Relationship Karmic Dynamics™.  Akashic Records may be opened to reveal Soul imprint.

$ 79 for 30-Minute Session
$122 for 60-Minute Session  

You must be over 18 years old.  I may consider exception after a conversation with your Parent.

To honor ourselves and the Spirit World, Jennifer will temporarily paused the session at around 5 minutes on all Readings. If connection is not established, full refund is provided.

About Spiritual and Energy Healing Sessions

Personalized Energy Adjustments are helpful for those who are experiencing spiritual, emotional, and physical (cellular) shifts. As we raise our vibration and move through stages of consciousness, our physical body goes through many adjustments. Sometimes, past life trauma and/ or current life experiences need to be released before we have room in our physical bodies to hold Universal love and light. Several techniques and healing modalities are combined in the healing sessions. Reiki, Channeled Universal Energy, Chakra Balance & Harmony, and Cellular Release & Reprogramming are often combined with Messages from my Spirit Counsel.

Spiritual Healing consists of a combination of techniques used in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual harmonizing. I prefer this over Energy Healing because it provides me a sky view of what's preventing a Client from moving forward in love, peace, and abundance in this lifetime. It allows me to zoom in and assist the Client remove his or her obstacle(s) at the core. Typically, clients experience Immediate Profound results. Ongoing energy healing and follow-up sessions can be booked as needed for maintenance; however, not necessary.

Energy healing can be accomplished from a distance; especially Spiritual Healing. Since we are working from the Soul level, sessions can be booked to offer you Support while you're in an Intense Negotiation or just want to receive healing while you're vacationing in Mexico.

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