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Jennifer Cloake

Founder, Healer, Reader, Coach, Workshop Facilitator

Specialties:  Intuitive readings.  Numerology.  Oracle.  Past live readings.  Karmic blockage removal/ reprogramming.

Clients who Benefit:  Individuals embracing immediate Spiritual expansion or looking to free themselves from anxiety.

Once a die-hard entrepreneur, Jennifer had her Awakening around 2010.  Instead of living with daily panic attacks, she has learned to reprogram her subconscious mind by adopting Spiritual methods.  With Jennifer's intuitive abilities and analytical mind, she has an unique way of zeroing in on core issues during her healing sessions!  Clients love her sense of humor and the eye opening accuracy of her Intuitive Readings.

A Personal Note from the Center Of Oneness Team...

Thank you for visiting, Soul Buddy!   We look forward to helping you move forward in Infinite love, light and abundance.  Even though Spirit Guides may provide information on trends and cautionary messages, we will not intentionally channel predictions on divorce, death, or medical conditions.  We strongly believe everyone has the power to change the course of their path.  Blessings! We look forward to connecting with you very soon. =)

Dana Mangoush

Community Leader, Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Alien Connector

Specialties:  Love Language, Alien and Starseed Connections, Birth Charts, Astrology Reading, Tarot Card Q&A

Clients who Benefit:   Those who are curious about their purpose in life, want to learn about their path and how they can maximize their natural Gifts.

Dana is a born leader in her generation.  Wise beyond her years, she's able to translate Universal messages into easy-to-understand concepts.  Moving into 5D Consciousness, the Intuitive profession chose her as a Conduit to transmute higher frequencies to All.  She's committed in providing guidance to the heart, mind, and soul. Blessed with her intuitive gifts, she can help you remember the greater perspective, and give clarity to any question, from a place of love.

Maria Martinez

Community Leader, Class Facilitator, Intuitive Reader, Energy Healer

Specialties: Situational reading with timeline predictions. Latin Native healing. Chakra reading.  Energy Clearing and Balance.

Clients who Benefit:  Bilingual.  Guided by Universal messages, anyone who needs clarity or energy work can benefit from Maria.

Maria lights up a room with her giggles and warmth for humanity.  She comes from a family of curanderos, Latin Native Healers.  She not only grew up learning and incorporating traditional beliefs and traits of natural medicine, she has a clear understanding of American culture and Hispanic community needs. With her passion in helping people, she's able to channel messages and harness healing energies to assist clients gain clarity.


Nicole Lee

Community Leader, Class Facilitator, Intuitive, Energy Healer

Specialties:  Angel Readings.  Oracle. Energy cleansing, shielding, and grounding. Chakra Balance.

Clients who Benefit:   Anyone looking for self care, energy healing and recharge.  Children on the spectrum and Parents needing assistance in managing tantrums.

Nicole's calming energy radiates throughout Center Of Oneness. She's an Empath, Intuitive, and Energy Healer.  Most importantly, she's a mother of a very intelligent son who happens to be on the autism spectrum.  Nicole is very passionate in showing parents how to navigate through autism challenges.  She's even more excited to share how to you can connect with your child on a spiritual and loving level, beyond traditional therapy.

4 thoughts on “Spiritual Healings”

  1. Shirley says:

    Hello I would like to take advantage of your special TikTok 10k reading format 30 minutes.

    1. Shirley says:

      I meant FOR 30 minutes

      1. Shirley says:

        And thank you 🙏🏼

    2. jennifercloake avatar Jennifer Cloake says:

      Here ya go. Offer expires 03/31/2020. You can book through this link. Chat soon! =)

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