Temple of Truth

The Temple of Truth

Temple of Truth ImageTruth is simple. Truth is clear. Truth is eternal. ~ Jacqueline Stone

The Temple of Truth is in the heart space of every individual. It is the portal thru which we access our true nature, divine wisdom, and answers to our questions. Eternity speaks to us through this portal. Pure awareness abides here. The full potential of who we truly are exists in this space. The energy of life flows into our physical body through the Temple of Truth within and it is therefore the true seat of all healing. In this sacred space eternity exists in every moment of now, and it embraces us every time we stop long enough to listen to the stillness.

We find the Temple of Truth by being still and silent with attention in our heart. Meditation is the best practice for experiencing this. Some people see bright light. Others hear music or tones. Some feel deep peace or great love. Still others perceive nothing with their senses but only have a sense of knowing. The Temple of Truth contains no ego, no judgment, no “shoulds,” and no shame. There is perfect harmony here and complete loving acceptance. All qualities of eternal truth are present in this space.

Becoming familiar with our own Temple of Truth provides numerous benefits. It allows us to access our own answers, to find the best solutions for us, to be inspired to the best course of action or to create something wonderful. In this inner temple we can experience our true nature, become familiar with its qualities, and discover how to express and experience them in life. There is no fear here, no stress or worry. Truth displaces or dissolves false beliefs so spending time in your Temple of Truth liberates you from these burdens and limitations.

If you spend time daily in your Temple of Truth you will find that inspiration comes to you at just the right moment for every aspect of your life, every interaction, and every beneficial action. You will know, more and more, exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. You will have greater compassion and understanding for the people in your life, thus improving all your relationships. Your body may respond to this daily sacred time by releasing cellular memory and toxins, resulting in improved health and vitality.

The qualities of eternal truth are your true qualities, and that of every other being. Those include peace, harmony, grace, ease, wholeness, wisdom, beauty, love, joy, abundance, compassion, cooperation, support, creativity, and other similar qualities. Going into your Temple of Truth helps you realize these qualities as your own, embody them, and live your life from them. The more you focus on the qualities of your eternal nature the more you experience them in your life. We do this by being with them in our Temple of Truth.


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