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You are not broken

By Jennifer Cloake | January 15, 2021

You have been told you are broken. Often times, we’ve been conditioned to believe we are not good enough.  The commercials you watch say you are too fat.  Your parents tell you you need to step up.  Everywhere we look, there are subconscious messages triggering our own belief that we are broken.  Over a period […]

5 Things you should always have on hand

By Jennifer Cloake | January 11, 2021

Question: Is the world going to be chaotic?  What should I do to prep for the chaos? Answer: Light has won the Spiritual battle in the final quarter of 2020.  But the Cabal energy runs deep on Earth.  It has taken over our food supplies, medical and educational sectors, and various government agencies around the […]

The Vatican and the Pope

By Jennifer Cloake | January 11, 2021

Question: As of January 10, 2021, it’s been reported that Pope Francis was arrested on 80 count indictment on child trafficking and fraud.  Is this true? Answer: Yes and No.  Our Spirit Counsel shared that Pope Francis was arrested months ago.  He will be testifying against top traffickers in the world.  Whether this will be […]

Affirmation for Empowerment

By Jennifer Cloake | January 31, 2020

Affirmation for Empowerment:   I AM. I am Infinity.  I am in Alignment.  I am a Manifester of All things positive. “I AM” started out as a personal Affirmation I use on a daily basis for Manifestation and Empowerment.  It quickly turned into a popular Affirmation among workshop participants.  Use this video daily 3 times […]

Manifest On Demand Affirmation: Wealthy Me

By Jennifer Cloake | January 31, 2020

Affirmation: Wealthy Me Manifest On Demand Affirmation: Wealthy Me Manifesting requires not only thoughts, but feelings. Thoughts are seeds of desires or non-desires. Human feelings are what fuels our manifestation on Earth. Low vibrational feelings such as anger and sadness will yield low vibrational results. High vibrational feelings of happiness and excitement attract positive outcomes. […]

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