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You are not broken

You have been told you are broken.

Often times, we’ve been conditioned to believe we are not good enough.  The commercials you watch say you are too fat.  Your parents tell you you need to step up.  Everywhere we look, there are subconscious messages triggering our own belief that we are broken.  Over a period of time, that belief manifests itself as hopelessness.

Manifestation frequencies are high.

Manifestation frequencies are in alignment with Universal Light frequencies.  We all have this energy inside of us.  The only way to connect with this is when we are happy.  When you feel like you are broken, your energy level are low.  When your energy is low, this is a good indication that this Universal Light inside of you is dim.  When the Light inside of you is dim, you are not in the space of Creation therefore not able to manifest.

You are good enough.

What if I tell you the first thing you need to do is to Accept that you ARE good enough?  Tell yourself that every single day until you believe it.   If you don’t believe you are good enough, who will? You are good enough.  You ARE more than good enough!

Final Thought.

When we are in the state of Happiness, our Inner light is bright.  When that Light is bright, it’s connected to higher Consciousness.  Instant Manifestation happens Effortlessly.  If you are feeling happy right now, observe how arrived here and duplicate it!  If you are feeling unhappy right now, it’s time to figure out the cause so you can embrace true heart felt Happiness.  You deserve Happiness because you ARE more than good enough!

Jennifer Cloake Lightworker Healer Reader Starseed Mentor

As a Practical Spiritualist, Jennifer Cloake has a deep passion for Empowerment.  With a strong coaching background, she has the Gift of helping Starseeds identify their Purpose while helping Light Seekers heal their past.  Jennifer specializes in dissolving Manifestation blocks utilizing inner child and past life methods.  Feel free to ask questions in our online forum.   Join Our CommUNITY

5 Things you should always have on hand


Is the world going to be chaotic?  What should I do to prep for the chaos?


Light has won the Spiritual battle in the final quarter of 2020.  But the Cabal energy runs deep on Earth.  It has taken over our food supplies, medical and educational sectors, and various government agencies around the world.  Even those who swore to protect were blackmailed or fell into the temptations of the Cabal.  What we are witnessing right now is the destruction of criminal enterprises.  Next will be the clean-up stage.  There’s a strong possibility there will be a power or internet outage in the near future.  These criminals will fighting dirty and hard to save their own bacon.  If you aren’t ready yet, please have these items on hand:

  1.  Food and Water for at least 5 days.  2 weeks would be wonderful.  Our world is run by computers and the internet.  If the power goes out, cash registers will not work to process your purchases.   Do the best you can.  Having a little bit of food is better than none.  Water is more important than food.  Follow the 3 x 3 x 3 rule.  A person can survive 3 minutes without oxygen, 3 days without water, and  3 weeks without food.  If you live where it snows, remember you can melt clean snow or ice for water.
  2.  Medicine.  Try to obtain a 30 day supply of your must-have medicine.  Secondarily, have cold/ flu medicine and an emergency kit handy.  Babies and children are more vulnerable.  Make sure you have what you need so you don’t have to run out to a doctor.  They may not be available.
  3.  Cash.  The fact is ATM will be down if there is a power outage.  A couple of hundred would be wonderful.  Small bills; 20’s, 10’s, 5’s, and 1’s.  Gas stations and grocery markets will not be able to accept your credit cards.  Small bills also allow you the luxury of not requiring change from vendors.
  4.  Gasoline.  A full tank of gasoline in your car in case you need to go to places.  Remember,  there may be gas available but will the stations be operational without power?  If you have a household generator, make sure you fill up your gasoline can as well.
  5.  Household Essentials.  Batteries, flashlights, and Candles just to name a few.

1.  Download files you want to work on from cloud data storage Drives such as Google Drive.
2.  Download entertainment from Hulu and Netflix
3.  Plan off-line activities such as knitting, reading, or workshop projects

While this is happening, please:
1.  Meditate for Worldwide Oneness and Unity.
2.  Do not panic. Trust you are well protected as a Light BEing.
3.  Be prepared to stay out of busy areas like we’ve been advising.

Jennifer Cloake Lightworker Healer Reader Starseed Mentor

As a Practical Spiritualist, Jennifer Cloake has a deep passion for Empowerment.  With a strong coaching background, she has the Gift of helping Starseeds identify their Purpose while helping Light Seekers heal their past.  Jennifer specializes in anxiety and faith crisis utilizing inner child and past life methods.  Book a Session

Pope Francis Child Trafficking Arrest Center Of Oneness

The Vatican and the Pope


As of January 10, 2021, it’s been reported that Pope Francis was arrested on 80 count indictment on child trafficking and fraud.  Is this true?


Yes and No.  Our Spirit Counsel shared that Pope Francis was arrested months ago.  He will be testifying against top traffickers in the world.  Whether this will be public is still undecided.  Some of the criminal names are well known politicians, celebrities, and corporate giants.  We are only witnessing a show at this point in the world leading up to the Truth regarding worldwide child trafficking operations funded by the Cabal.

Many priests have already been prosecuted.  Some of them were put to death.  Even though their actions were inexcusable on Earth, they’ve fulfilled their Soul Contract of triggering Awareness during the 5D Consciousness Ascension.  Evil does exist on Earth.  We can only address it if we acknowledge this.  It is our job, as a society, to end this abuse on Earth.  But it is our job, as Light BEings, to be wrapped up in the darkness.

At this time, Light BEings are asked to shine their Light while children are being rescued at this very moment around the world.  Send them lots of love and Spiritual hugs.  We will be asked to serve when people wake up to this Evil.  You are to guide them through the pain, if you choose to Accept the Mission.


Jennifer Cloake Lightworker Healer Reader Starseed Mentor

Jennifer Cloake is a Spiritual Teach with a passion for Empowerment.  With a strong coaching background, she has the Gift of helping Starseeds identify their Purpose while helping women heal their past.  Jennifer specializes in anxiety and faith crisis utilizing inner child and past life methods.  Book a Session

Manifest On Demand Affirmation: Wealthy Me

Affirmation: Wealthy Me

Manifest On Demand Affirmation: Wealthy Me

Manifesting requires not only thoughts, but feelings. Thoughts are seeds of desires or non-desires. Human feelings are what fuels our manifestation on Earth. Low vibrational feelings such as anger and sadness will yield low vibrational results. High vibrational feelings of happiness and excitement attract positive outcomes. Effortless Manifestation comes when our core vibration is in a constant state of Peace and Love.

Money is not the only form of Wealth here on Earth. However it’s the easiest to understand.

Money is the material outcome and representation of our energetic vibration. To be wealthy in our physical form, we must first feel wealthy within. The state of wanting more wealth such as money, keeps us in the lower frequencies of not feeling we have enough. However, we can reprogram our subconscious mind to feel wealthy, know we deserve our birth right to have supportive relationships, a healthy physical body and all we need in material goods to live a fun loving life on Earth.

Wealthy Me Affirmation:
I know money is the manifestation of my energy.
If I wish to be wealthy, I must feel wealthy.

Money and positive energy flow in…
Effortlessly and abundantly for my highest and best good.
I now detach from the outcome knowing all is well…
and everything will happen at exactly the right moment.

I deserve to receive…
All I desire in this lifetime and beyond.
I’m grateful to be experiencing the beauty of Life.
I’m grateful for all I have.
I’m grateful for all I am.

Wealthy is all around me…
and wealthy is within me.

Chakra Balance

During your Transformation, it is essential to learn and understand your body’s needs. This includes the physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual bodies. This short Chakra Activation video assists in harmonizing all bodies during your Transformation and Evolution.

Someone asked me the other day about Chakra work.  I thought I’d share a simple quick chakra balancing technique I do when I feel a little off.

Find a quiet place where you can lay flat comfortable for about 20 minutes.  Breath in and out several times. Continue to do so through out this self healing session.  Set the Intention you are here to harmonize your body for your highest and best good.  You are spending time loving and honoring your physical vessel on Earth.

I visualize a beam of white light shining down through my crown chakra.  This beam of light goes through my body all the way down into the core of Mother Earth.  This Light anchors me to Mother Earth with loving and supportive energy.  Mother Earth also sends up protective energy through this channel of light.

Next, I place both of my hands on each chakra starting from the base chakra.  In most training, they teach you to works on the the invisible layers of your body about 2-3 inches above your physical body.  I personally like to relax my hands on my body and allow the Divine energy to assist me in harmonize my chakras.  All your Guides to share with you how long you should stay on that particular chakra.  There’s no right or wrong.  Listen carefully.  It’s always different from day to day of what you need.

While your hands are positioned on a particular chakra, visualize a spinning light ball in the coordinating color.  For example, if I’m working on the base chakra, I can image a red light ball spinning.  I find that the size of a large orange or a small grapefruit in proportion to your body is about the right balance.  If this light energy ball is small or dim, I may need to restore its energy.  If it’s overly open or larger, I may have to close it down a bit.  Again, I don’t worry about that.  If I’m judging whether it’s too big or small, I’m not relaxing.  I have one thing to do and that is to Allow the Guides to to their thing in helping me harmonize my body.